For centuries, dogs have shown humans unconditional love, and so you maybe asking yourself ‘does my dog know I love him?’

Don’t be like some dogs’ parents that think it is enough to show your dog you love him through the stomach. Yes, treats and goods have their place, especially during training, but they can lead to weight gain and other dog health issues.

Showing dogs, you adore them can be tricky, but these 20 simple methods will help your dog know how much he means to you in a language they understand.

20 Answers to Does My Dog Know I Love Him?

1. Put Down the Phone When You Enter the House

Humans don’t like competing for attention, and neither does your dog. Even if your dog doesn’t know what a phone is, he will feel neglected when all you do is stare at it.

It is best to keep your phone away when you come back home, relax on the couch, or go for a walk with your dog so that he doesn’t have to compete for your attention.

2. Respect Dog’s Nature

Let your dog be a dog, and don’t treat them as a child. Some owners try to prevent their dogs from showing their true nature by sniffing each other from the back, sniffing urine and eating dirt.

Discouraging dogs showing their true nature can cause anxiety and confusion. It is essential that your dog feel loved for what they are instead of trying to change them!

3. Rub Their Ears, Between toes and Chest

Dogs get so much joy when their ears, chest, or area between toes are rubbed causing them to sigh, roll their eyes up to the ceiling, or lean closer to their human.

A dog’s ears have a lot of nerve endings because the sound is one of their more vital senses, and knowing how to massage and apply pressure can bring your dog a lot of joy. Dogs’ releases reflexology and endorphins when their ears are rubbed, triggering a sense of calm, happy feelings and relaxation.

This can be very useful during stressful situations, such as going to the vet.

4. Lean In When Talking to Them 

You should lean into your dog when talking to them and let them lean into you since it is a much better way to bond.

However, avoid all hugs since dogs don’t like them despite how good it feels for you. The gesture immobilizes them, causing high anxiety and stress, which could lead to an unhappy, nervous, aggressive or biting dog.

Leaning is the dog hug, so don’t ignore it; lean back on them for a moment to let them know you love them too. Don’t push them away; just the right amount of lean will let them know you trust and love them!

One thing your dog loves most is your scent, and when you lean back to your dog, you allow him to enjoy your smell.

5. Look Into Their Eyes 

When you are in a relationship, eye contact strengthens the bond; this is true for humans and dogs.

The right eye contact can help you bond, strengthen your relationship, and build trust with your dog. Dog eye contact can also give insight into what your dog needs, feels, and its personality!

Making eye contact while cuddling your dog releases oxytocin (the love hormone) in them bonding both of you together like a mother and baby.

6. Prepare Their Favorite Food

Feeding and loving go together when it comes to your dog, so when you make a special meal for him, your furry friend will know you love him. This doesn’t mean table craps or dogs’ treats which might harm your dog!

7. Raise Your Eyebrows 

When your dog raises its eyebrows and sticks out its tongue, he is relaxed and happy and expects the same from you.

Dogs can read your emotions through facial expressions, so when you greet your dog with a happy smile and raised eyebrows, it tells your dog how excited you are to see him.

8. Communicate To Your Dog with A Dog Voice  

Communicate To Your Dog with A Dog Voice

Talking to dogs in a high-pitched, baby-like voice is known as anthropomorphizing. This is when you consider something that is not a human to have human-like characteristics!

Talking to a dog in a high-pitched, baby-like voice help dog understand you. That is why you find when you talk to your dog this way, he tilts his head; this helps him understand what you are saying to make you happy.

Dogs love to be spoken in a language they understand (dog-directed speech and dog-related words) which creates a stronger bond between you and your dog.

Also, listen to your dogs. The length, pitch, and strength of your dog’s barking can tell you so much about your little buddy and help the two of you communicate better.

9. Let Your Dog Snuggle with You

Have you ever looked forward to bedding for the night, only to find your dog hugging the blanket before you even get in?

Dogs live as pack animals and are very sociable. When they get used to you, they want to follow you everywhere, including snuggling with you in bed, couch, and anywhere you lie or sit.

If your dog always wants to snuggle with you, it means you transmit security and confidence; they are at ease with you. The close contact brings your dog close to you, which gives you a chance to show your love to him.

If you don’t want your dog in your bed, it’s okay; binge-watch your favorite show while letting them lie beside you; he will lie on you until he falls asleep.

10. Get to Know Your Dog

Each dog is a unique individuality with remarkable intelligence and great sensitivity. Study your dog’s body language to understand the toys he enjoys, the food he likes, what bothers him, and what he wants.

Study how they listen to your voice and approach different environments, stimuli, and positions they enjoy best.

This will help you understand your dog when they are speaking to you through body language, helping you mirror back his love.

11. Dedicate Quality Time to Your Dog

Yes, you have a hectic routine, but you ought to invest quality time with your furry friend when you get the opportunity.

Try to preserve 30 to 40 minutes during the week for intensive play with your dog; physical and mental stimulation is suitable for your pet.

If you like having morning runs, it is good to take your dog along, to make quality time and precious memories.

12. Take Your Dog for a Walk

A study was conducted in the UK to find the words and phrases that canine loves to hear the most; the researchers monitored the heart rate when the favorite dogs’ phrases were mentioned. Walkies scooped the top spot, with the dog’s heart rate increasing by 36% every time they hear the word.

Every time you tie your shoelaces, reach for a leash or do anything that might suggest that you are leaving the house, your dog is thrilled. Walks help dogs fulfil their in-built need to go out and look for food!

Dogs live for walks, but going for walks with someone with who they have the closest social and emotional bond is vital for their well-being.

When you give them freedom to sniff, socialize and mark trees to their heart content when on walks, convey strong love.

Dog’s love exploring, so once in a while, you can take a new route and go to new places to expose your dog to new smells, sites, and experiences.

13. Don’t Punish Them 

Punishing your dog destroys any bond you have formed; instead, use positive reinforcements.

14. Protect Your Dog from Danger  

Protecting your dog from situations that scare them is essential for well-being and peace of mind. This will create a state of trust with your furry friend!

15. Learn to Interpret What Dog is Saying 

Maybe your dog doesn’t like to be kissed, hugged, interrupted during meal time or meet your friends’ unpredictable kids.

You may know what your dog likes and don’t like if you know what to look for, which can help you prevent stress and make them feel at ease.

16. Take Your Dog with You During Vacation 

Instead of leaving your dog at a pet center home during your next vacation, plan a pet-friendly vacation.

Many hotels are pet friendly; if you have a small dog, air travel is more accessible; for larger dogs, you might consider a road trip. Get an RV and head to the coast!

17. Gift them Gifts 

Buy your dog things that bring them comfort and happiness since they have an associate memory and link emotions with objects.

You can buy them new toys, puzzles, food, mats, clothes, shoes or anything else that might benefit them.

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18. Read to Your Dog

Your dog can understand a whole range of words; thus, reading will give you a chance to bond.

Even though they don’t understand the story, they will love the attention you give them, and the soothing voice and tone will keep them engaged and interested. 

If you have a child at home, you can ask them to read to your dog, which will benefit both of them. 

19. Let Them See Outside 

Dogs can clearly see up to 20 feet, so open some of your shades so that your dog can see what is going on outside. 

Dogs can spend countless hours watching through the windows, giving your furry friend the best distraction.

This will let your dog know you care for and value their needs!

20. Take Your Dog When Running Errands 

Your dog loves being around you, and it is a plus when it is outside. There are many places you can take your dog, just don’t leave him in the car unattended for a prolonged period!

Final Thought 

You don’t have to apply all the mentioned ways to make your dog feel loved; just ensure you use a couple of them, and your furry friend will know you love him.

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  1. Tony July 20, 2022 at 10:36 am - Reply

    I have 2 Shitzu dogs. They love me and l love them we go on regular walks each day. They sleep next to me on the couch. Belly rubs are a must. They sleep with me and l wouldn’t swap them for the world.

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